Make more, Keep more and work less

By getting the right advice and taking action to implement it, most things are possible.

Make More

  • Have clear goals for what you want to achieve in the long, medium and short term and develop a roadmap to get you there;
  • Identify any challenges and put in place strategies to overcome them;
  • Work to develop systems to run your business more efficiently;
  • In order to continually improve you need to continually test the results of new business growth and marketing strategies;
  • Try out different pricing structures;
  • Continually monitor the results of your activities and use key performance indicators;
  • Get our Mini Guide on How to Make More Profit from the special business reports section of the Business Centre;

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Keep More

  • Use our Tax Planning Service and ensure you don't pay a penny more in tax than is necessary;
  • Use the FREE resources that can be found in the Tax Centre (free registration required);
  • Receive our FREE regular E-Newsletter full of tax tips (click here to register);
  • Never accept what the TaxMan tells you without checking with us;
  • Use Tax Investigation Fees Insurance to ensure that you are properly represented in any investigation;
  • Use our VAT Healthcheck and PAYE Healthcheck services to ensure you don't incur any penalties;

Work Less

  • Work on your business and not in your business - work on your systems so the systems run the business and your people run the systems, leaving you free to do other things;
  • Use our Accounting Support Services - Bookkeeping, Payroll, etc to take all the paperwork away from you, so you can get on with running your business and developing the systems;
  • Use Management Information to clearly manage your business.

And above all...

Enjoy what you do, or what's the point

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