Estate Planning

Estate planning should always be considered by individuals seeking protection and peace of mind for themselves and their family members. We ensure that the goals and objectives of our estate planning clients are met wherever possible. We can assist with the writing of wills and help you to set up trusts to achieve your desired outcomes. We also advise on lifetime gifts, charitable giving and trusts to distribute the wealth between family members.

On death, a 'Grant of Representation' (usually called Probate) is often required. This is sought for the deceased, allowing executors to admit the deceased's will (where one exists), appoint an executor and supervise the estate. We can act as professional executors - a service that helps to reduce the stress felt by the immediate family at this most difficult of times. The deceased’s assets are collected, any creditors are paid and the remaining assets are distributed according to the terms of the will, or the rules of intestacy.

We have experience in handling estates of all sizes in an efficient and compassionate manner - assisting the executors at whatever level they need, from simply completing the IHT forms and final Tax Returns of the deceased, to obtaining the Grant, collecting the assets, preparing estate accounts and distributing the assets to the beneficiaries after estate creditors have been paid

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