Covid 19 – Business News Update (2 October 2020)

This week we have seen stricter lock down rules in many parts of the country including Government rules to include not attending amateur sports events as spectators, only visiting care homes in exceptional circumstances and the Government states people should not...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (24 September 2020)

WINTER ECONOMY PLAN Here are the headlines from the Chancellors statement in Parliament today where a series of measures to help jobs and businesses were announced. NEW JOB SUPPORT SCHEME ANNOUNCED Today Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a new job scheme starting 1...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (9 September 2020)

COVID19 – IS THE ‘SECOND SPIKE’ COMING? The Government is taking further measures to stem the recent rise in the number of coronavirus cases, which does not look like a gradual move upwards but a more obvious spike. The rate of positive tests has increased amongst...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (2 September 2020)

Kickstart scheme launches in November! The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has launched the Kickstart Scheme, designed to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment. The £2...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (26 August 2020)

The new normal has introduced new language such as “Summer staycation” Many of us are holidaying in the UK as families decide to avoid the risk of foreign travel.  We must not forget the opportunity to relax with those we love most is vitally important to our physical...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (19 August 2020)

Welcome to this week’s newsletter. Last week we had the removal of France and other close European countries from the “Travel Corridor” with hundreds and thousands of holiday makers rushing to get back from the UK before they had to take self-isolation measures. This...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (14 August 2020)

It’s easy for everyone to forget that there are other major changes happening across the world beyond those driven by COVID-19. The changes to our relationship with Europe, the trade and political tensions between the USA and rest of the world will all influence our...

SEISS Grant (second tranche) becomes available

Following on from the first Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant that was paid in June fo this year, the second tranche of the grant is opening for eligible people to claim. This week HMRC will be writing to self-employed people who may be eligible. The...

Covid 19 – Business News Update (12 August 2020)

The headlines today are about the economy being in recession for the first time in 11 years and the UK suffered its biggest slump on record between April and June as coronavirus lockdown measures pushed the country officially into recession. The economy shrank 20.4%...

Self-Employment Income Support Grant (SEISS) letter from HMRC may be heading to a tax-payer like you!

This morning I received a letter that was forwarded to me by a client. The letter was dated 7th August 2020 and was from HMRC with the head-line “Information on your Self-Employment Income Support Grant”. The letter opens: “I am writing to tell you that we did not...

What we do

Tax can be a complex matter and you have a wide choice of tax advisers to choose from. At Oxford Tax Solutions we do what you would expect most tax advisers to do, such as taking care of your accounts and preparing your tax returns, but we do a little bit more as well.

We take the time to understand your problems; we ask questions, listen more and talk less. We try to exceed your expectations by understanding your frustrations; by helping you to realise your business and personal goals, and by providing meaningful solutions that will always keep your individual needs in focus.

We take an honest and tailored approach to tax planning that is simple, effective and lasting.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business or individual, you can count on Oxford Tax Solutions to help.

Have you outgrown your accountant?

Can anyone call themselves and accountant or tax adviser? The simple answer is yes they can.

Regularly people come to us who have assumed that their current adviser is appropriately qualified only to discover, often when it is too late, that they aren’t qualified at all.

Oxford Tax Solutions is a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, regulated by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, which provides reassurance that we are qualified to deal with your tax affairs.

Are you looking to minimise how much tax you pay?

In most cases we can help you to save tax, though this is most likely if you haven’t done any tax planning before.

Our planning solutions are practical and bespoke and are aimed at helping you to minimise your tax burden in a legal and non-aggressive manner.

Why not use an accountant?

As with most things in life, the best advice is usually given by those that specialise in a particular field or subject as opposed to asking a generalist to advise on a specialist area. Oxford Tax Solutions are tax specialists, not accountants.

Why choose a Chartered Tax Adviser

Oxford Tax Solutions is a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers. A Chartered Tax Adviser, or CTA, holds the ‘gold standard’ qualification in professional tax expertise and can be relied upon to provide the highest quality tax advice to business and personal clients.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of tax and business accounting services that are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Personal Tax

Do you need help with your self-assessment, personal tax or estate planning, trusts or HMRC enquiries? If so here is where you need to be.

Business Tax

If you are a partnership, limited company or sole trader and need help to manage the tax on your business profits and income tax we can help you here.


Are you finding managing your payroll too complicated? The legislation is constantly changing so you need to keep up to date. Let us help you.


From management accounts to statutory accounts for limited companies we can help. To help you with your compliance needs, here is where you need to be.

Tax Consultancy

Well we are Chartered Tax Advisers after all. We regularly deal with HMRC helping our clients to pay the right amount of tax and not a penny more. So if you have a tax problem, we will usually have a solution.


Every business owner hates bookkeeping and paperwork, but it has to be done. Combined with our cloud accounting service let us take away the hassle of bookkeeping

We do our best to make sure that our clients are happy with what we do. Here are some of the things that our clients say about us.

….OTS are experts providing great advice, professionalism, flexibility and above all the trusted partner that I need…

Philip Cook

Director, LPSA Contracting and Consulting

….I couldn’t have done it without Chris, he has been extremely helpful throughout with the various intricacies of my annual accounts, my VAT and in dealing with HMRC….

Simon Riley

Director, Shore Qualitative research and consultancy

Prompt courteous service with practical advice on all angles – and above all a peace of mind knowing that your accounts are being handled professionally and accurately and always well ahead of any deadlines. Priceless service.

Paul Taylor

Director, AV8ER Limited



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